You've got your paperwork done to do business, now what?

What is your strategy for understanding your market, its potential and how to engage opportunity? 

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Proposal Preparation and Business Strategy

Join a real world entrepenure program, we work with our vets to identify opportunitie and then engage those opportunities, from day 1.

Prime & Sub-Contracting

Learn how to serve as the prime contractor or as a sub-contractor. And how to determine which role is more suitable to your business.

Walk and Chew Bubble Gum Business Planning

Develop a business plan while securing business. In the meantime, we lend you our business model to get going now, not later.

Develop Web Presence & Attract Private Sector Sales

Develop a website, create a social media presence & expand your reach.  Start taking advantage of low investment growth opportunities to secure income now instead of later.

The Numbers

Make sure your proposals are competetive and in lin with your financial goals.

Build Basic & eCommerce Website

Then present website to cohort and potential clients.

Building Personal & Business Credit

Learn how to finance yourself and your business!

Personal Financial Planning

Using residual VA benefits to your advantage, making you the most competitive and compelling choice.


Define negotiation objectives with suppliers, general contractors and strategic partners. Develop a negotiation strategy to meet objective(s). Hold real world negotiatiins as part of your process of winning contracts.

Leverage public contracts for private markets

Take advantage of service disabled set aside programs to establish a public and private market track record. 

Continued Training, Education & Support.

Benefit from on going discounts and free support.

Let's Thrive Together

Our entrepreneurial candidates have the option to grow individually and as a group through introspective readings open conversations focused on mental, emotional, physical and business health.

Maja Zovko leads entrepreneurs through interpersonal development aimed at strengthen resilience and business brilliance consistently