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At This Time MCCVET.ORG Does Not Accept Donations

Additional Information

MCCVET.ORG is sponsored entirely by corporate sponsors at this time.   In 2021 we will open up donations via our the registered 501(c), therefore offering our private and corporate donors tax deductible donations.   

Why Doesn't MCCVET.ORG accept donations now?

MCCVET.ORG is operating as a nonprofit corporation, which gives us the ability to providing funding for our service-disabled/connected veteran programs.  

Is there a way I can make a non-tax deductible contribution to the veteran programs offered at MCCVET.ORG?

Yes, you may use the following link to make non tax deductible contributions, as well we strongly suggest subscribing to our newsletter so you can be informed when MCCVET.ORG's has IRS approval to provide tax deductible donations for our supporters.