Entrepreneurial Candidates Spring 2020

Shawn Seyler

Status: Service-Connected Veteran  (Army)

Adriel Pratt

Status: Service-Connected Veteran (Marines)

Matthew Johnson

Status: Veteran (Air Force)

Nadia Dixon

Status:  Service-Connected Veteran (Navy)

Erick Dawson

Status: Service Connected Veteran (Marines)

5 More Canidates Awarded Scholarship NLT April 1st 2020

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FYAH Works Inc. New York City


We took our proposal writing to the next level.  


"This program improved my ability to secure and perform on behalf of complex projects.  Now we are working side by side with MCCVET to see how we can create supplemental residual income for our next generation of Vets"!    -Adriel Pratt-


Connect Inc Global Managment, New York City & Amsterdam Loc


Everything IT & Security



"Partnering with MCC, we secured a 6 figure government project with the VA in under 45 days"  -Sherman Ware- CGM